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Logos, not Legos®!

That’s Logos, Not Legos®!

Competent. Professional. Stable. A good logo conveys all of these, and more. An amateur-designed logo does exactly the opposite, giving the impression that your organization is:


An inadequate logos says, “Cash flow isn’t good, so we cut corners by designing our own logo.”

Too small to handle the job

Businesses of any significant size always hire professional logo designers. By setting your standards so low, you are telling the customer you may not have high standards in the areas that matter to them.

Food for Thought Learning Institute Logo (Portrait)

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Unpolished, Unprofessional, Rough

Looking unprofessional makes you look as though your business does not matter to you. Pride in your logo reflects pride in your work.

Unfocused & Disorganized

Your marketing materials need to be consistent and coördinated. A jumbled approach to marketing says, “We’re a disorganized company.” Your logo helps unify the look and feel of all your materials, from your sales brochures to your print ads to your web site.

For samples of our work, see the logo gallery. To learn how we prepare your logo graphic, see the Logo section of the FAQ.

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Food for Thought Learning Institute Logo (Landscape)Trotter Logo, Old (Bitmap)Final Trotter Logo, B+WFinal Trotter Logo, GreyscaleFinal Trotter Logo, CMYKOklahoma Stone Logo, Old (Bitmap)Oklahoma Stone Logo, Early ConceptFinal Oklahoma Stone Logo, B+W Final Oklahoma Stone Logo, GreyscaleFinal Oklahoma Stone Logo, CMYKFinal Oklahoma Stone Logo, AlternateBuchanan Bicycles Logo, B+WBuchanan Bicycles Logo, CMYKFinal Food and Shelter Inc. LogoFinal Food and Shelter Inc. Logotype VariantsHigh Plains Siding LogoNorman Stamp & Seal (Markswell) Logo, Old (Bitmap)Final Norman Stamp & Seal (Markswell) LogoOklahoma Green Business Alliance Logo