Copy Writing

Good Copy Is King

Good Copy Is King

Web copy writing isn’t just filler; it can make or break your business.

Many businesses simply reproduce the copy from their sales brochures straight onto their website. This is a waste of time, because copy not specifically written for the web usually goes unread.

I See Keywords

Think about how you read the web. Do you read every word on a page from top to bottom, or do you skim and look for keywords? You’re probably doing it right now. See what we mean?

When we write or edit copy for your site we write & format to help the reader:

  • We use headings & lists
  • We write good topic sentences
  • We keep paragraphs short & trim the fat —
    • If a word doesn’t substantially add to or change the meaning, we cut it
  • We pick a tone, & stick with it
  • We talk about the customer, not the company
  • When appropriate, we assume a personal tone

We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. After all, isn’t that who you’re trying to reach?

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